Worthplaying | ‘Guild Wars 2’ End of Dragons Third Beta Begins Next Week, Reveals Three New Elite Specializations

Guild Wars 2 redefines massively multiplayer online role-playing games with visceral, action-oriented combat; a beautiful and living world full of dynamic, ever-changing events; personal scenarios that are customizable and unique to each player; intense player-versus-player fights between small teams or massive armies; and most importantly, a shared online world where players work together as allies rather than rivals, all with no monthly subscription fees.

The cycle of dragons that sustained and ravaged Tyria for centuries is falling apart. The hearts and choices of mortals will define this moment in history and resonate in the future forever.

Over two centuries ago, the Dragon Empire severed all ties with central Tyria and Elona. Cantha has its own history of turmoil and triumph, reflected in ancient monuments, enduring art, and modern life.

The third beta for Guild Wars 2: The End of the Dragons kicks off next Tuesday, October 26, and runs through Saturday, October 30, giving players a first look at the latest three new elite specializations coming to the expansion next February.

The Untamed allows Rangers to become fierce melee murderers able to tap into the primordial energies of their Unleash ability. The specter transforms the thief into a user of shadow magic who wields a scepter to weaken enemies from a distance. Finally, the mechanic gives the engineer a powerful mechanical ally who fights at his orders.

Each new elite specialization brings a new twist to the heart Guild Wars 2 professions, opening up new possibilities for play while exploring new avenues of player expression through new skills and abilities. A detailed showcase of beta gameplay will be released on Guild Wars 2 Twitch Channel Friday, Oct. 22 at 12:00 p.m. PT.

These three archetypes dig deep into Canthan history to evoke their unique powers:

Mechanical engineer:

The Mechanic is a dynamic innovator, using his mechanical expertise and advanced Canthan technology to fight alongside a jade robot of his own creation. Choose your robot’s traits and use it to crush your enemies. Together you are unstoppable.

Mechanic controls are selected by the player’s trait choices. This is because the specialization traits you choose customize your robot’s equipment for combat.

The mechanic can specialize in various combat roles.

They gain access to mace as a new primary weapon, which can be used to apply barriers to allies, in strong synergy with specific traits of specialization. Sign utility skills allow them to give themselves and the robot additional bonuses. These seals can have a variety of impacts, such as ordering your robot to emit a large protective force field for allies to take shelter inside, creating an electric field around it to confuse enemies, or commanding your robot to unleash his ultimate weapon, the Jade Buster. Canon.

Thief – Specter

Using his Shadow Shroud, the specter harnesses the power of shadow magic to weaken his enemies and preserve the health of his allies. By diving directly into the shadows, they learned to control them.

With this new specialization, the thief sacrifices part of his initiative reserve and gains a new resource called Shadow Force. Siphon replaces Flight, instead giving you the ability to inflict ailments on enemies while generating Shadow Force.

Wielding a scepter, the specter launches bolts of tormenting shadow magic at enemies. The weapon set includes new dual attacks based on your available secondary weapons, and it deals powerful ranged condition damage to enemies that cross its path.

Ranger — Untamed

The savages and their pets juggle the control of raw, primordial power to defeat their enemies. Their pet weakens their prey before the untamed one recovers this raw and vicious power and delivers the final blow.

The Untamed is a melee brawler with the ability to switch from an aggressive damage dealer to a defensive murderer. This transition is made possible by their Unleash ability, which transmits a powerful magic of nature between the Indomitable and his pet. Pets in this raging state gain access to new abilities that disrupt and weaken nearby enemies. Additionally, the Savages’ bond to their pets gives them more direct control over each pet’s default abilities, ensuring they’re always ready to strike when the time is right.

The Hammer wielded by the Indomitable is also affected by their Unleashed state, allowing for an adaptable playstyle depending on the situation.

For their utilitarian skills, the Untamed have access to the minor skill type. These minor spells create a variety of defensive and crowd control effects, giving the Indomitable the tools they need to thrive in melee combat.

ArenaNet also featured the first tour of the expansion’s new maps with a glimpse of the lush, cherry blossom-covered environments of Shing Jea Island.

Guild Wars 2: The End of the Dragons will have a final beta event featuring all nine professions and the first exercise with the Siege Turtle, the game’s first co-op mount, taking place in November.

Finally, ArenaNet partners with DXRacer in the third End of the dragons beta to offer a Guild Wars 2 Racing Pro gaming chair. By creating a beta character and logging in each beta day, players can earn up to five entries into the raffle for the chair and 4,000 gems, the premium currency of the game. Two other winners will receive 4,000 gems .

Guild Wars 2: The End of the Dragons is available for pre-purchase from today at the official website for $ 29.99, and includes a bundle of pre-purchase bonus items including Flame Serpent Weapon Chest, Shing Jea Mosaic Cloak, Special Prodigy of Shing Jea Character Title, Shared Inventory Slot and a level 80 character boost. The Deluxe Edition ($ 54.99) comes with the Standard Edition Pack, as well as another bundle of exclusive items: a Shing Jea Dragon Boat Skiff skin, a Canthan Raptor mount, an additional character slot, and an identity repair kit. The End of the dragons The Ultimate Edition ($ 79.99) includes exclusive items from the Standard and Deluxe Editions, plus 4,000 gems, Guild Wars 2the premium currency of the in-game store.

Additionally, to commemorate the launch of End of the dragons, ArenaNet provides a special edition premium statue of Elder Dragon Aurene, the player character’s loyal playmate. Sized at 8 inches by 10 inches, this translucent crystalline sculpture of Aurene in her royal pose of the Northern Eye will be available for pre-order from the Guild Wars 2 website between July 27 and August 20 for $ 120 plus taxes and shipping. She will also come with a digital redemption for a unique in-game character cape with her logo engraved on it.

Guild Wars 2: The End of the Dragons is slated for launch in February 2022.

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