Why the music industry is betting on the pop woman at $ 1.5 million a day


So precisely, how much money did Adele bring to the music industry?

The numbers are so huge, involving such a conga line of zeros, that they risk appearing meaningless. But broken down, their impact is clearer. The Adelytics report indicates that the CD of 25 sold an average of 120,000 copies per day between its release date in November 2015 and the end of the same year. Basically, at $ 12 a CD, that was almost $ 1.5 million in industry cash every day (split between retailers, distributors, manufacturers, record labels, and Adele herself) .

CD sales (yes, Adele is one of those few artists who still switch physical products) also generated tens of millions in revenue the following year. Indeed, Adele described herself today on BBC Radio 1 as “the queen of CDs” and said the 30 release date had to be stuck for months to give CD pressing factories time to make all his records. And none of that takes into account the extra revenue it derives from its vast streaming numbers.

Adele has greatly enriched her record companies. In 2006, she signed to XL Records, the small Notting Hill-based independent label that made a name for itself with hardcore breakbeat hits such as 1992’s On A Ragga Tip by SL2. XL’s financial fortunes were transformed (but not before a visitor to XL’s offices mistook the singer for an intern and asked her to brew a cup of tea).

Music Business Worldwide analysis shows that the label’s sales and operating profit in 2010 – the year before Adele’s 21 album was released – were £ 22.4million and £ 4.1million, respectively. of pounds sterling. The following year, after the release of 21, sales quintupled to £ 112.7million and profits increased tenfold to £ 41.7million. Similar leaps occurred in the years following the release of 25. Robert Watts, compiler of The Sunday Times Rich List, said the singer could have been responsible for 80% of XL’s revenue.


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