Which planets are retrograde in August 2022? The answer might make you nervous

The term retrograde has bad press. (Mercury rx, I blame you.) But surprisingly, retrogrades aren’t always earth-shattering events. How a retrograde tends to change life depends on the planet itself and its proximity to the sun, which vary widely. For example, retrogrades of Mercury and Venus are often more visible, as these planets (i.e. inner planets) are closer to the sun (and Earth), while retrogrades of outer planets like Uranus and Neptune are not always so apparent. So when I tell you there are five retrograde planets in August 2022, don’t panic – they’re all outer planets, which makes the changes they bring much more gradual.

What is a retrograde?

The definition of “retrograde” means to move backwards or backwards – but as far as the planets are concerned, they are always moving forward. During this Earth cycle, however, there appears as if they were going backwards, when in reality they were just changing gears.

Every astrological planet retrogrades periodically except for the sun and the moon (because they are luminaries). The outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), in particular, spend about four to five months each year in retrograde. These retrogrades always occur as they form a trine to the sun, which activates the planet’s retrograde. Towards the end of the retrograde period, the retrograde planet will form another trine with the sun, bringing endings to this period, and usually a revelation.

Which planets will be retrograde in August 2022?

With the five outer planets – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – going retrograde in August 2022, there will definitely be revisions and revisions taking place, but don’t worry, you have experienced the retrogrades of all of them. they. planets every year, so you’re a pro.

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What to expect from August 2022 retrograde planets

Although a total of five planets will be retrograde in August, there will only be one truly retrograde *stationary* planet during the month.

Uranus, however, will be retrograde this month, on August 24. Since none of these planets will station directly over the next 31 days, you can expect to feel the energy of these retrogrades quite strongly, especially in the astrological houses of your birth chart that contain these zodiac signs. Retrogrades are a time when you are called upon to review and revise matters of the house the planet is currently passing through, but since each of these planets moves quite slowly, you may not yet notice any sudden or abrupt changes. Instead, you may be called upon to gradually revisit some of these themes. Change is definitely on the horizon, but you will come out the other side with incredible clarity.

Retrograde Uranus (August 24-January 23)

Uranus is the planet of disruption, upheaval and rebellion – but in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, the changes you’ve probably seen have been slow and deliberate. Traveling through this sign since May 15, 2018, there has been a collective shift in how you establish security and stability in your life, and the upcoming retrograde will certainly prompt you to review and revise the changes you have seen.

Since Uranus has been in Taurus, we have collectively seen increased interest around digital currency (aka cryptocurrency), as well as the cost of living and gasoline prices suddenly skyrocketing. Since Taurus generally rules money and resources, Uranus has revolutionized the way we all establish security in our lives. As retrograde begins, it will prompt each of us to reflect on how we have adapted to some of these changes.

With Uranus in Taurus, you have been prompted to strongly resist the changes Uranus has brought, but as the stations of Uranus direct you, you will be inclined to review and revise some of the changes that have been made since the last retrograde of Uranus which took place from August 2021 to January 2022. It will be beneficial to check and see where Taurus is in your own natal chart during this period, to fully understand where you are called to accept the disturbances to which you have been confronted with in this area of ​​your own life.

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