Ukrainian president denounces ‘short truce’ with Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Friday rejected the idea of ​​a “short truce” with Russia, saying it would only make things worse.

“Russia is now looking for a short truce, a respite to regain strength. Someone can call it the end of the war, but such a respite will only aggravate the situation,” the Ukrainian leader said in broadcast remarks. at the Halifax International Security Forum.

“A truly real, lasting and honest peace can only be the result of the complete demolition of Russian aggression,” Zelensky said.

The White House said earlier today that only Zelensky could decide when to open peace talks with Russia, dismissing the idea that it was pressing Kyiv to negotiate an end to the nearly nine-month war sparked by the invasion of Moscow in February.

General Mark Milley, the top US military officer, however, has suggested in recent weeks that Kyiv could capitalize on battlefield victories against Moscow forces and open talks to end the conflict.

Milley said Wednesday that while Ukraine has won key successes, Moscow still controls around 20% of the country and Kyiv troops are unlikely to force the Russians out of the country soon.

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