Tips for Using July Credit Cards

If you are going to enjoy the month of July for a vacation, in addition to planning and scheduling the itinerary, plan the expenses to not spend more than you have. The biggest worries when traveling, especially abroad, is the money I’m taking enough? How will I manage if my money runs out ahead of time? Will I be able to do some shopping?

The answer to these concerns is to use your credit card, as 99.9% of credit cards now offer the option of international purchases. However, if this option leaves you with the flea behind your ear, and you’re afraid of losing control.

Check out our tips and use your card wisely:

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Use it as an “as” under your sleeve: We are not saying that you should finance the entire trip with the card, because speaking of interest, it would probably be cheaper to apply for a personal loan. What we mean is that the card can be considered as an “extra” if the money you bring runs out ahead of time. In addition to that many cards offer benefit and discount programs that you can finally use.

Activate the card: It may not seem like it, but many people forget that not all cards are automatically for international use and if this is the case, contact the central to release purchases outside Brazil. There are also those who forget to unlock the card and so when the journey has started it can be difficult if you decide to use your card.

Be careful about foreign exchange: International purchases will be subject to exchange and IOF, which means it is important that you know the conditions your card has before you travel, so you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Responsible Installment Payment:

Responsible Installment Payment:

Normally outside Brazil you will not find “10x interest free on the card”, so stay tuned. If possible opt for cash payment and if it gets tight install directly with the card provider (conventional bank, digital bank, financial).

By taking this advice into consideration, you will be safer when using your card abroad. If you are traveling in Brazil, use the advice and common sense to avoid spending more than you can afford. And if you don’t have a credit card, it’s worth a look at our card comparator and find the one that best fits your profile.

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