Tips for Rogue Lords Beginners

Rogue Lords is an ultra-challenging and downright scary roguelite game where players must guide the Devil and his devious villains through a medieval fantasy world while trying to put an end to Sanctua Lumen and the Demon Hunters. Taking control of Dracula, Bloody Mary, the Headless Horseman and a plethora of other villains, players must defeat their opponents in turn-based combat and story-driven events.

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Say Rogue Lords is a complex game would be an understatement with the tutorial alone including its own special chapter. Roguelite fans will be truly tested in this harrowing tale, but don’t worry because there are some things to know that will make the experience a little more digestible. The devil and his minions are ready to roam the earth to extend their reign of darkness.


7 Patience is everything in this game

Nothing happens fast in Rogue Lords. It’s one of those games that requires patience, perseverance, and a bit of risk-taking. As an example, the in-game tutorial can take up to 45 minutes to an hour, including its own in-game chapter. However, considering each game mechanic during the tutorial is of the utmost importance in order to draw the best of this game.

Considering this game is a roguelite, patience becomes more critical since you will lose and have to start over dozens of times. Simply put, take your time to master every aspect of the gameplay from the various skills, devil’s essence ability, turn-based battle, story sketches, as well as all the other gameplay areas.

6 Get to know each party member well

Rogue Lords features three main starting villains, namely Dracula, the Headless Horseman, and Bloody Mary. Throughout the adventure, other playable characters such as Lilith, Dr. Frankenstein, her monster, and the White Lady can all be unlocked. Each villain in this game plays completely differently, so it’s a good idea to understand each of their strengths and weaknesses.

The best way to get to know each party member is through the Devil’s Lair area. This central area has something of a “bulletin board” where players can check each villain’s skills, attacks, abilities, weaknesses, and general knowledge for the game world. Apart from that, the simple Taking them into battle will really test their mettle.

5 Understand the different points of interest on the map

The card in play in Rogue Lords guides players along a few different randomly generated paths. Each route will offer something completely different in terms of gameplay. Luckily, there’s a handy map legend that informs players what each icon means.

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Points of Interest include Regular Battles, Elite Battles, Styx River Shrines, Grim Reaper Locations, Random Event Locations, Story Beats, and Complete Chapter Areas. In addition to these various game events, there are specific status effects on the world, such as a terror gauge or a demon hunter infliction status, both of which can help or hinder our evil villains.

4 Turn-based battles are tough

battles in Rogue Lords are entirely turn-based and will likely sound familiar to fans of kill the arrow or darkest dungeon. These turn-based battles are brutally difficult and require a healthy dose of strategy and tactical thinking. Battles are divided into action points in which each villain can use a specific skill, attack, buff, debuff or ability depending on how many action points are still available, displayed at the bottom of the screen under form of red and luminous dots.

Besides thinking about the playable team, it is also essential to keep track of opponents statuses, health pool (the red bar), spirit pool (the purple bar) and any buffs or debuffs that they might have enabled for their team. Winning is almost assured since the tide of battle can change in no time. There’s a handy tooltip guide that can reveal information about each status effect, skill, or weapon ability, and other similar effects. Take the time to get used to the rhythm of the battle in order to hope to emerge victorious.

3 Evil essence to cheat the system

Easily one of the most unique aspects of Rogue Lords is that the game expects you to cheat. Cheating is encouraged here in the form of the evil essence system. This essence is essentially a health pool that can be used at any time during battle to turn the tide. By tapping into the evil essence pool, players can recharge their health or spirit, reset a skill’s cooldown, and more importantly, remove status effects or deplete their opponents’ life force.

It’s a system that’s really never been seen before and really helps shake up the roguelite and turn-based formula here. Additionally, this essence can also be used to create a demonic portal on the overworld map to avoid specific game events or status implications. In order to refuel, players must head to a shrine in the River Styx.

2 Sacrifice underutilized skills

Rogue Lords features a massive amount of villainous skills and abilities, with more unlocking through reward tracks upon leveling up. Some skills provide attacks while others provide buffs and debuffs to name a few examples. Depending on a player’s preferred method of play, many skills will likely not be suitable for certain battles. Fortunately, any skill can be sacrificed at a Sacrificial Shrine.

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These shrines can be discovered while exploring the overworld. By interacting with the shrine, players can sacrifice a skill on the altar. In return, a new skill slot is opened up and players can then choose from three new skills to add to their arsenal. Just make sure you don’t accidentally get rid of a coveted skill, as it will be difficult to get it back.

1 The Grim Reaper Awaits

While exploring, players can walk through the Grim Reaper. In this game, the Grim Reaper is a friend, not an enemy. It acts as a trader where players can buy new skills, upgrade certain skills, or get powerful new relics. Relics, in particular, are the most useful passive items in the game as they provide exceptional buffs.

The Grim Reaper’s preferred method of currency is, of course, souls. Souls can be obtained from successful battles, certain sketch world events, and by random nature. Be sure to save enough to get some of the best skills and relics from the start.

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