Tajikistan Household Food Security and Market Quarterly Update (April-June 2022) – Tajikistan


Principle results

The food security assessment conducted in May 2022 classified 21 percent of households in Tajikistan as food insecure. Compared to the assessment carried out in August 2021, the proportion of food secure households decreased by 6 percentage points in May 2022.

Compared to August 2021, a greater proportion of households were adopting livelihood-eroding coping strategies to access food, such as reducing the cost of health care and education as well as spending savings to buy food. 35% of households reported a drop in income compared to the same period last year. The proportion of households declaring a significant drop in their income increased in May 2022 compared to August 2021 by 5 percentage points.

Among households reporting a drop in income, 59 percent said it would have a significant impact on their ability to access food.

There was a 10 percentage point increase in the proportion of households expressing concerns about their general well-being compared to the August 2021 assessment. The main concern expressed was rising food prices.

Prices of some key commodities continued to rise between April and June 2022, including wheat flour and edible oils. Therefore, the monthly household food basket cost was found to be the highest in June 2022 at TJS 1714/month.

An analysis of the purchasing capacity of skilled and unskilled daily workers showed that skilled workers earned slightly more than what is needed to have at least a monthly household food basket while unskilled wage workers were not. able to afford only one food basket.

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