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05/31/2021 at 9:59 PM CEST


A remarkable performance of Bojan dubljevic, including the two free throws that sealed the final score (87-86), this Monday gave Valencia Basket the first victory of their Endesa League quarter-final series against a much improved TD Systems Baskonia who had one last attack at the hands of Pierria Henri to take the shock, but was surprised by a providential theft of Guillem Vives in which he asked foul.



Valencia Basket

(22 + 13 + 25 + 27): Van Rossom (4), Vives (6), Kalinic (18), Williams (5), Tobey (8) – five starters – Prepelic (10), Labeyrie (10), Dubljevic (20), Hermannsson (-) and Sastre (6).

TD Systems Baskonia

(18 + 26 + 19 + 23): Henry (15), Giedraitis (9), Sedekerkis (2), Peters (16), Diop (-) -five owners- Massenat (5), Jekiri (9), Colom ( 6), Fall (4), Dragic (10) and Polonara (10).


Hierrezuelo, Oyón and García González. Without eliminated.


The San Luis fountain. 1500 spectators.

Valencia started out alive behind and confident up front and that gave them mastery of the game and the scoreboard against a grabbed Baskonia which Henry kept afloat. Without being able to count on any ‘partner’ yet, he had to mark himself also while waiting for a rotation whose departure Dusko Ivanovic He stepped forward to equalize the crash (22-18, m.8).

The rest of the point guard could have meant a slowdown for the Basque team, but the management of Rokas giedraitis released Quino Colom accelerate the circulation of the ball to punish Valencia with outside shots that have ceased to be incisive in attack and paid off in defense (25-30, m.24). Only the triples of Klemen prepelivs.

But the Slovenian’s points didn’t change the picture and Valencia started to feel some anxiety as they didn’t know how to take advantage of what should be one of their moments in the game. With the return of Henri and Y’s incomeoussopha autumn, the visitor advantage stabilized around ten points (35-44, m.20).

In the recovery, Valencia turned their game on the low post, with Dubljevic Yes Nikola Kalinic in stiletto heels, to try and join the party and he was successful. After forcing his rival to close, two triplets in a row from the Montenegrin pivot turned the tide and lit a “full” Fonteta with 1,500 spectators (53-50, m.24).

Colom He gave Henry reliable relief and Valencia’s minutes of rest from the playmaker repeated themselves, allowing Baskonia to regain some of the lost ground, entering the final quarter with a three advantage. points and build confidence, as evidenced by open shots. with which Polonara reopened the gap (65-74, m.34).

Valencia made up for the shock as best they could, essentially putting the ball in the hands of Van Rossom who, with his points and those he gave Dubljevic, forced a close finish, albeit with the initiative of the visiting team (82-82, m. 39).

Two baskets in a row from Henry, nuanced by a triple from the pinched shooter Louis Labeyrie they left Baskonia one with the ball for Valencia with ten seconds left. Fair Dubljevic on the line he put both and left Alavés with the last possession with five seconds and a strip ball. The ball hit Henry but a claw from Vives stole the ball to the disbelief of Baskonia who claimed a foul.

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