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At 14, Abbie started using drugs. At 16, she was convinced that she would not live to be 18. Then, at 22, she was crying in a doctor’s office, pregnant and addicted to heroin.

Shortly after this visit, Abbie received a call from a University of Alabama nurse at the Birmingham Obstetric Complications Clinic inviting her to participate in the new Comprehensive Pregnancy Addiction Program. The program provides a safe, non-judgmental space for recovery and care for pregnant women with substance use disorders.

Birmingham artist Amy Peterson had never heard of CAPP. Then a friend ordered a flower painting to give to a young woman who, like Abbie, was considering the program. In 2020, Peterson saw first-hand the effects of substance use disorders after losing a close family friend. Peterson was impressed with how the program approached the multitude of variables involved in pregnancy and substance abuse, and was inspired by the courage of its participants.

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