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I have to admit that I am one of those people who are very tired of zombie games, but a good zombie adventure can still win my heart every now and then. Half brick Age of Zombies no doubt this is a big silly zombie shooter for big silly zombie fans. Bad jokes and buckets of blood are the order of the day, and Age of Zombies delivers both in equal quantities.

So is this Age of Zombies worth your hard earned money? You’re going to need a review to tell you that. Our review, more precisely!

Age of Zombies (PSP)
Developer: Halfbrick
Publisher: Halfbrick
Released: Feb 25, 2010
MSRP: $ 4.99

Age of Zombies is an undead slaughter adventure through time as protagonist Barry Steakfries undoes Professor Brain’s story change job. Traveling to prehistoric times, 1930s Chicago, ancient Egypt, medieval Japan and the future, Barry will take down zombies with all manner of weapons, earning points for slain combos and facing off against a certain number of bosses, while doing silly one-liners.

It’s very hard to screw up a top-down shooter, so it’s safe to say that Age of Zombies is really playable. The object of the game is to score points using unique weapons and hitting as many targets as possible before the ammo runs out. Barry doesn’t earn any points using his standard weapon, so the player is encouraged to run around the map, grabbing SMGs, flamethrowers, shotguns, miniguns, and explosives.

It can be extremely satisfying to mow over 100 zombies with a minigun, and the chain system keeps things involved and makes the player think about collecting zombies in a nice crowd, perfect for racking up easy kills. It feels good to see a huge bunch of zombies following you and then throwing a grenade. The weapons are varied and all of them are quite useful, and it soon becomes easy to figure out how to get the most out of each gun’s potential.

Not that the game itself likes to keep things too simple. Age of Zombies, like all good top-to-bottom shooters, has a lot of challenges to overcome. Not only are there always more than enough zombies chasing Barry, but each period has its own unique undead warriors, such as ninja zombies with throwing stars or zombie gangsters with guns. Some of the patterns, like the Ramen Samurai, can also be quite tricky.

Unlike other shooters, Barry will not die after being hit once. Borrow a page from the FPS manual, Age of Zombies Removes one-shot kills and health counters in favor of HP recharge. If Barry is hit enough times, the screen will start to turn slightly red and players must avoid damage until he recovers.

If you think this will make things easier, think again. It doesn’t matter how healthy you get when the zombies get close, and it just might be Age of Zombies“The biggest flaw. It’s very easy to paint yourself in a corner, with zombies coming from all angles all the time. Being surrounded by a wall or crossing a bridge just to be surrounded on both sides is a bit too common, and there are a lot of times you just know you can’t get out of a situation and you have to sacrifice a life.

This frustration aside, Age of Zombies is a great little addition to the PSP Minis channel, and well worth a download. It looks pretty good, with simple cartoon graphics and overdone gore, and the game is also quite funny, albeit in a rather cheesy way. Each period also has its own announcer that calls out the names of the weapons as you collect them. It is worth noting because the Japanese level seems very racist.

Your pleasure to Age of Zombies will likely be determined by your tolerance for top-down zombie shooter games, of which there are a lot. If you still have room in your stomach for another zombie shooter, this is definitely for you. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s very silly. Those who are deadly sick from the living dead may want to miss him.

Goal: 8.0 – Great (The 8s are impressive efforts with a few notable issues holding them back. Won’t surprise everyone, but worth your time and money.)

reviewed by Jim Sterling

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