NYSE-Powered ETF Leaders: Amplify’s Christian Magoon

As with many ETF issuers who sat down with NYSE’s Judy Shaw for ETF Leaders, powered by the New York Stock Exchange, Amplify CEO Christian Magoon quoted “The I Word,” aka inflation, as one of the biggest challenges facing investors in 2022.

“Inflation is all over the news,” Magoon told Exchange: An ETF Experience 2022, adding that he not only sees “the negative impact on our portfolios” but also “our portfolio, making the groceries, maybe fill up our car with gas”. , so we really believe that investors, for the first time in maybe 15 years, need to have a part of their portfolio that benefits from inflation.

As it happens, Amplify has an ETF that covers this. The Amplify Inflation Fighter ETF (NYSE Arca: IWIN) is an actively managed ETF that invests in asset classes that seek to benefit, directly or indirectly, from inflation.

Later in the discussion with Shaw, Magoon explained that due to rising rates, “a lot of the growth in thematic opportunities hasn’t gone as well.” However, the Amplify chief noted that one way to continue engaging with thematics “is to look at government spending or government legislation,” and cited “two areas that stand out in a big way.”

The first area that Magoon finds “very attractive” is that of “electric vehicles and battery charging stations”. The other area is cannabis.

“A lot of institutions can’t invest now, but retail investors certainly can” check out the Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETF (NYSE Arca: CNBS)the issuer’s “NYSE-listed Legal Cannabis ETF”.

“So those are two unique areas that don’t necessarily depend on interest rates, [but] more about government legislation and spending, which I think is a bit more predictable,” Magoon said.

Magoon also said he thinks digital assets “should be a part of investors’ portfolios,” but probably a small part.

“There are a lot of growth opportunities there,” Magoon said. “When we think of digital assets, we certainly think of bitcoin, but we also think of the underlying technology upon which bitcoin and digital assets are built, which is blockchain.”

Amplify to the ETF Amplify Transformational Data Sharing (BLOK)“the largest NYSE-listed blockchain ETF,” which he says is “a great way to get diversified access to this whole digital revolution.”

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