My Town – Handicrafts and Herbal/Organic Products in Monsoon Brand Nepal 2022 Carnival Edition


Whether you want to give gifts to your loved ones or want to treat yourself, handicrafts must be your first choice. So when you visit The Brand Nepal 2022, today, you will see many Nepalese handicraft brands waiting for you. Organized by Radio Nagarik, you can see the following craft brands in Brand Nepal Go Local – the carnival celebrating Nepalese brands and products. Likewise, it would be a shame to forget the ecological and natural products that we use in our daily lifestyle. Here is a list of herbal lifestyle products participating in Brand Nepal this year.


Jamarko was established in 2001 as a small cottage industry with the aim of helping to preserve the environment and provide employment for disadvantaged people, especially women. Through its activities and campaigns, Jamarko helps raise awareness of the importance of reducing consumption and waste, as well as reusing and recycling materials, and provides paper and handmade recycled products as an alternative to consumers.

In addition to its recycled paper and products, Jamarko showcases various Nepalese handicrafts to support and promote local art and businesses. The brand believes there is great potential for the use of recycled paper and products in our communities. But most importantly, recycling paper today has become a necessity to conserve limited natural resources and the habitat of countless other beings. The product includes recycled paper butterfly notebooks, recycled paper invitations, reusable 100% cotton face masks, recycled paper lokta desk organizer, mini lokta gift boxes and handmade crochet keychains.

Deego Nepal

Deego Nepal is a sustainable lifestyle brand offering affordable eco-friendly alternatives primarily made in Nepal, to reduce plastic waste in everyday life and encourage a sustainable lifestyle. The products are Roti Basket/Storage Box, Heat Mat or Wall Decor, Handmade Moonj Coaster, Handmade Moonj Brush/Pen Holder, Bamboo Toothbrush.


Kayo Creative Studio is a team of passionate artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. The brand manufactures, designs and develops products, mainly focused and not limited to handmade products. It is a creative studio where the team tries to accomplish all the creative and artistic works. Kayo promotes its product with the slogan “Giving a gift in the form of art”. Kayo crafts are bookmarks, personalized cufflinks, pet tags, wooden plaque, silver ring, personalized wooden keychain, personalized wall poster and more.

Saboo: Nepal

Saboo Nepal is known for its natural body cleansers, face washes, shampoos, essential oils and bar soaps. Products are Oil Burner/Tealight Diffuser, Aromatherapy Roll-on, Lip Balm in different flavors like Peppermint, Lotus and Vanilla, Original, Rose, Cleanser for the tea tree face, etc.

Eco sathi Nepal

Eco sathi started with a program to explore alternatives to plastic and plastic products for lasting change. Some of its products are bamboo soap cases, metal clothes pegs, ecosathi vintage cups, bamboo toothbrushes, shaving creams and gels, bamboo cutlery sets, bamboo combs bamboo.

seven women

Seven Women socially and economically empowers marginalized women through literacy, skills training and income generation. Some of the products produced by seven women are darlings, handmade dresses: a coordinating pink kurtha set, a yellow and blue sundress, a quilted jacket and vest, crochet toys. He also gives cooking lessons to women.

Naturo Earth

Naturo Earth is a wellness brand that aims to implement sustainable practices across the value chain of manufacturing eco-friendly health, beauty and lifestyle products using all-natural ingredients . Their product range includes personal care products like handmade soaps, essential oils, cold pressed vegetable oils, body scrubs and many other skin care products to environmentally sustainable and physically revitalizing alternatives. such as salt lamps and soap nuts, hemp yoga mats, wild honey, etc. In the Himalayas, organic isn’t just a term, it’s a way of life. Thus, each element is handpicked and uniquely packaged to form a valuable wellness bucket for consumers who intend to live a fully conscious and fulfilled life.

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