MPs and ministers make money a travesty of justice

YOUR SAY | “How come politicians can take advantage of multiple pension payments?” “

Syed Saddiq sheds light on how MPs and ministers make big money from long service

Mazilamani: Thank you, MP Muar Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, for the exhibit on how politicians can earn handsome salaries or pensions, simply by serving for a long time as an elected official or minister.

Now it becomes very clear why people keep the party leadership position (a step away from a ministerial post), always ready to betray or stab a gullible and weak leader, to found a new party as leader and to jump from one party to another. . The entire salary and benefits package is a heavenly gift.

It is reminiscent of what the fourth and seventh prime ministers would have done. How many gratuities and pensions as minister of several ministries, deputy prime minister and double prime minister plus head of foundations has he made?

And not to mention the litany of perks and privileges. It is like “tikus jatuh ke dalam gudang beras”.

If Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob is really into reforms, everything should start here and now. There must be many other areas to consider.

Cyclone: I am okay. I’m glad someone said it out loud. This is why I am so angry with the leaders / politicians who are in public office.

They set their own rules for how they get paid with our tax dollars and national resources and what we get in return is at best poor quality leadership and decision making in public policy.

Accountability is also lacking when weaknesses and gaps are exposed. I have yet to see a convicted politician serve time in prison. It is no wonder that some officials feel pressured to follow in their footsteps.

Proity: Syed Saddiq says all the right things and makes me reassess my suspicions about his motives because he was a protégé of Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Perhaps his break with Pejuang to form the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) is his political “maturity” and his sincere desire to chart his own course and present a new paradigm based on integrity, fairness, equality of citizens and good governance.

It remains to be seen whether these are words in the mold of PKR President Anwar Ibrahim, who is famous for being “everything to all men”.

But for the sake of Malaysia, I hope that Syed Saddiq matures and becomes a leader who can contribute to the rehabilitation of Malaysia which has suffered so much from the ravages of Mahathirism over the past 40 years.

His misstep on Zakir Naik, the divisive Islamic demagogue and fugitive from India facing multiple charges, was, I believe, due to pressure from Mahathir.

It was a gross political miscalculation that damaged Saddiq’s credibility, but being a newbie to politics, I think we should forgive him as long as he doesn’t resort to the default Islamic map on which most Malaysian politicians fall back for cheap votes and as a cover for their misdeeds.

Another leader who has great potential to change Malaysia for the better is Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin. He has intellect, ability and determination. Umno is his vehicle to achieve his goals as Prime Minister and I strongly support him in his efforts.

No party has all the solutions to help Malaysia, so let’s hope that politicians who are sincere and who do not see political office as a “big business” but as an opportunity to change the country for the better receive our support. that they are not in the party that we traditionally support.

Umno, MCA and MIC represent the old politics and must reinvent themselves. This also applies to the opposition parties. They have shaped their politics as a mirror image of the BN model, but claim to have more integrity and capacity.

However, they missed the opportunity to show their worth by allowing themselves to be controlled by Mahathir in the most ignominious manner, who attacked the very foundations of their ideology and supposed principles by mocking and abandoning the Pakatan Harapan manifesto. .

Ex-Wfw: Based on the time-based pension scheme, we should know who is behind it.

When a civil servant has had to work continuously for 25 years to receive a single pension, how is it that a politician can receive multiple pension payments? It really is a shameless ploy to feather oneself.

How is it that all older politicians, including those in the opposition, did not raise this issue sooner?

Head hunter: It is indeed a travesty of justice. Everyone should only have one pension unless they get an extra one from outside of government. An official who serves in another department does not receive multiple pensions, does he?

It is understandable why these old goats, some with a leg already in the coffin, refused to give way to younger leaders. This is because they slip all the green tufts for themselves.

These politicians continue to reward ourselves while the rest of us remain very poor. In addition, it is also time for ministers and their deputies to have at least a basic degree to qualify for ministerial positions. Some are worse than the village idiots in terms of performance and ability.

It pains us that our hard earned taxes are being used to pay them.

OCT: All of this shenanigans have been around all this time. No one wants to denounce as they took advantage of it. People don’t know because we don’t know about them.

Respect and credit should be given to Syed Saddiq for highlighting this problem. Malaysia wastes a lot of financial resources on all those unscrupulous MPs who only know how to pull the pockets of the country but do not work for their wages.

This is an unprecedented injustice. Malaysia spends a lot in unproductive, non-profit spending on a pile of dead wood. No wonder Malaysia is still short of funds and needs to borrow more money to finance the operating budget.

BrownCheetah9736: The high salaries and lump sums of ministers are intended to deter corruption and illegal income. Like in Singapore.

But Singapore’s ministers have good qualifications and are smart enough to learn anything they don’t know. On top of that, they work hard and work long hours. When they are not doing ministry work on weekends, they are looking after their constituencies and basic issues.

Here we have a corrupt gang that can’t get enough of it. They are smart and work hard on matters of personal enrichment, like issuing letters of support and getting involved in questionable supply contracts.

When not busy with these, they are busy breaking standard operating procedures (SOPs) and leading a double life.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: It is interesting to know why none of the opposition MPs have revealed this so far. They will probably now be angry with Syed Saddiq.

The government should be transparent about all payments made to elected officials in each of the positions they hold. It borders on crime, especially when we see them handing out RM50 food baskets to the poor or bragging about how much they sacrificed for the needy.

We voters should hold them accountable and vote for them based on their openness and sincerity, rather than party lines.

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