META 1 – Inaugurating the digital economy

The tides of change are upon the global financial system. People all over the world have been made aware of the benefits and effectiveness of cryptocurrencies. Since Bitcoin entered the market 13 years ago, there has been a steady expansion of decentralization across the world. Today, the digital economy is more advanced than ever.

One of the projects that has led the charge in this new economy is META 1. The project was created with the spirit of Bitcoin in mind. Network founder Robert P. Dunlap looked at the pros and cons of currencies throughout history. He took this knowledge and leveraged it to create a unique safe-haven coin that combines the best aspects of blockchain technology, gold, and more. Here are the top reasons why many traders consider META 1 a game-changer.

META 1 – The security of gold
One of the first aspects of META 1 that should be discussed is its stability. META 1, unlike other stablecoins, does not derive value from a single asset such as gold, diamonds or fiat currency. META 1 eliminates inflationary concerns with its multi-asset approach.

The developers pegged the token to a basket of gold-linked assets that offers more stability than its competitors. This concept has been put to the test recently. While the majority of market tokens lost up to 20% in value, META 1 held steady.

META 1 – Frictionless Economy

META 1 users enjoy the benefits of a frictionless economy. You can easily join the METANOMICs DeFi environment using the Onramper portal. Onramper is a specially designed tool that allows users to directly convert their fiat currency into META 1 stablecoins. This strategy saves users time and conversion costs. The Onramper portal supports the conversion of +50 fiat currencies in 150 countries.

You can send META 1 coins around the world without permission. The network operates as pure code without any centralized party to censor or block your actions. META 1 users benefit from a more cost-effective, open and transparent option.

META 1 – A feature-rich environment
One of the most attractive aspects of the META 1 DeFi network is its low-risk passive income options. The protocol combines a host of high-return, low-risk features to help users secure passive income. Users can take advantage of the META VAULT and earn 10% on their crypto savings.

Another popular DeFi feature that needs to be mentioned is the META 1 staking protocols. When you stake META 1 coins, you agree to provide liquidity to a network smart contract in exchange for rewards. Your rewards are based on how many chips you bet and for how long.

True Financial Freedom – Be the Change
Projects like META 1 increase user profitability while protecting their key assets. META 1 was designed from the ground up to protect your savings and help you escape the rat race. Those looking for more transparency and revenue opportunities need look no further than META 1.

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