I will stabilize the naira – SDP presidential candidate

Social Democratic Party presidential candidate Adewole Adebayo has said the naira will become a stable currency if he is elected Nigeria’s president in 2023.

He said he would not promise that the naira would become equal to the dollar but would ensure that the value of the country’s currency stopped declining.

He said so on Sunday at the inauguration of his campaign office in Ibadan.

The SDP candidate said that the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (Retired), would not be rated by him as the president was virtually absent in all key sectors.

He said: “The SDP will not make any promises at the start of the campaign, but plans. Please take note of the start of the campaign. Just as it was done in the days of Awolowo. We will give you plans with timelines, costs, goals and the people who will implement them.

“We are going to have a stable currency. I am not saying that a naira will become a dollar. No. We will keep the same exchange rate during our term and bring inflation down to single digits.

“I will note that the current government led by General Muhamadu Buhari is absent because they are not showing up for the exam at all. If you have a generator now, it shows that the government has failed in electricity. If your child is an undergrad and is at home, that means the government hasn’t played.

“If you count on (Sunday) Igboho and others to help drive out the bandits, it shows that the government has not played. If you are unemployed or retired and your money has not been paid to you, it means that the government has not played its part.

“It’s not like they’ve performed badly, but they’re not there at all. We’re going to put in place a real government that knows how to deliver services. We’re going to put a round peg in a round hole.”

Adebayo added that he would run the country efficiently by implementing programs mandated by the constitution.

He said he would do everything to banish the poverty and insecurity that continued to ravage all regions of the country.

“Insecurity, sabotage of the economy, high unemployment and inflation, poor budget management and disunity are the problems we face today. What I will do differently is implement the program that is constitutionally mandated in Chapter 2 of our constitution.

“Basically, the implementation of state policy and the implementation of Social Democratic Party policy from which we have drawn two things, including farewell to poverty and security.

“We are also going to make sure that our policy is not a money bag policy so that we can create diverse people who are talented people who will come from different parts of the country.

“We are going to have a united front of the country with social investments in education, sanitary housing, food production, employment and general infrastructure. These are things that we are going to do differently.

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