How to Make Friends and Influence People, Kween Yasmin’s Way

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie, published in 1936, is a self-help book that boasts over 30 million copies sold worldwide, making it one of the most sold all the time. Carnegie’s bestseller includes tips on how to get out of a mental rut, set new visions for ambition, win people over your way of thinking, increase influence, and possibly increase potential. of income. This paperback Carnegie classic has been a public favorite and has been required reading for some schools.

But some Filipinos who haven’t heard of Carnegie, or who find her book too deep and too old-school, would rather turn to the online space for “influencers.” And being immersed in this extremely powerful platform called the Internet (whether for work or socializing, given the stay-at-home policy), Filipinos know that at any time anyone can go viral. and famous.

Yasmin Marie Asistido, a 21-year-old internet sensation from Imus, Cavite, is living proof of that.

Kween Yasmine | Via the official Facebook page of Yasmin Marie Asistido

“Kween Yasmin” slowly became an internet celebrity just by being herself: intense, clueless, silly, hilarious. To date, there are over 100,000 on YouTube, nearly 150,000 on TikTok, and over 300,000 on Facebook “Yasminnatics”.

She is now a talent of Viva Artist Agency.

If you’re wondering who she is and why does she have this huge legion of fans, that makes the two of us (a hundred thousand, probably). Her videos include makeup transformations, dance numbers, song covers, personal confessions, and more. One of his most popular videos is the action-packed martial arts demo, an Acting 101 and his “Lalaking Manloloko”, his cover of the song by ex-battalion Hayaan mo Sila. Whatever she offers, the clueless, chaotic yet inspiring energy of Kween Yasmin is everything and more.

Behind his comedy videos that have entertained Filipinos online are stories that will make anyone their age cry. This content creator and social media personality was said to have been a sophomore before, but she decided to drop out of school because she was being bullied for not being too pretty and good enough . She confessed to how someone pushed her down the school stairs and how the students laughed at her, threw things at her, insulted her and even physically injured her. This relentless bullying caused her emotional and mental distress, so she decided to drop out of college even though she was doing extremely well in her studies. If she gets the chance, she still wants to finish college, but in the meantime, supporting her family is her current priority.

This internet royalty has taken over the virtual space since 2018, and its bullies have turned into online bashers, with some even cursing it and threatening to harm it. Even when posting about how tired and hurt she is with negative comments directed at her, she continues to kill people with kindness, wishing them blessings and relentlessly giving off good vibes.

Kween Yasmin Asistido

Via official Yasmin Asistido Facebook page

Kween Yasmin Marie Asistido

Via the official Facebook page of Yasmin Asistido

Her funny pictures, OOTDs and dance moves aside, Yasmin will be remembered for one of the most hysterical moments in the online community – she went viral for not being able to join her own virtual date! Also labeled as the “versatile kween,” Yasmin scheduled a virtual meet and greet for a weekend, but was left out. As she posted on her Facebook: “Guys, sorry, gawa ako again Zoom Link to meet and greet later. Kasi po yung hindi host po makapasok pati po ako. Haha. Dahil Puno na raw, 100 participants lang kasi available, “the internet sensation wrote.” Dapat pala una akong pumasok sa zoom. ” was able to enter because it is already full.
maximum capacity of 100 people. Should have gone first.) This post garnered over 50,000 laughing reactions, nearly 5,000 comments, 10,000 shares. She also created a song about it called “A Zoom to Remember”. Recently she invited web surfers to her birthday concert and because she learned from her funny failed fan meet, this time she switched to Zoom premium, a guarantee for everyone that she actually could. to rejoin.

The Kween is currently busy with more song covers, jaw-dropping photo ops (where she dons a colorful pambahay outfit, complete with an umbrella, boots, baskets) of her choice. which she rightly calls “campy mode”. Well, she did a great job.

Some might view his rise to fame as luck. Some believe it is fate. Yasmin surely achieved his goal of making others happy thanks to his videos which made thousands of internet users laugh just by being in his most natural persona. She lives her own truth, loves her own skin and continues to inspire girls her age who, like her, are not celebrities but dream of influencing people with only laughter and good vibes.

To that we have it: Yasss, Kween Yasmin!

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