Guide to currency in the cycle: frontier

One of the main obstacles to overcome in The Cycle: Frontier is the currency. Everything you do and what you need revolves around how you can manage that cash flow. Credits are not hard to earn, but they are very easy to lose because everything costs money.

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It’s not surprising for a free-to-play game, and the microtransactions play into it a bit, but it’s not too blatant and you can mess with the system a bit if you run out. So, for those looking to understand how the in-game economy works, here’s a brief guide to currency in The Cycle: Frontier.


What is currency used for?

First of all, currency in The Cycle: Frontier is used for just about everything. From purchasing equipment to insuring items and even crafting, everything costs money and nothing is free. Unless it’s a login bonus.

Most low-level, crucial items like Resource Scanners and Backpacks are relatively cheap and usually cost a few hundred credits. However, high-end gear and late-game Exotic gear will cost in the high fives and six figures. One weapon in particular, a sniper rifle called KARMA-1, costs a million euros to craft in the Gear Printer..

How many currencies are there?

Unlike other free games that tend to bog you down with various currencies that you have to micromanage into one big math headache, The Cycle: Frontier has three. There’s Aurum premium, normal Krypto marks, and insurance tokens.

They have their own uses and can be acquired in a variety of ways which can be a bit confusing at first. To keep things simple, here’s a brief description of each, how you get it, and what they’re used for in the game.

Marks of Krypto

The little current money that you will deal with regularly. These are used to pay for everything from consumables to armor, weapons, attachments, insurance, and more. Without Krypto Marks, you can’t get much. So you have to start hustling those lows if you want to be successful.

But don’t worry about this digital wallet drying up too quickly, as it’s relatively easy to get your hands on a few credits if you run out. They can be earned by selling items from loot, completing tasks for the various factions around the Hub, through resource generators in the residential area, or simply by logging in regularly to collect the login bonus.


This is the premium currency and naturally it is much more difficult to obtain and it is mainly acquired by spending real money in the store or via the Fortuna Pass as a reward. Luckily, Aurum doesn’t impact gameplay too heavily, which is always a concern when premium currencies are involved..

It is primarily used in Item Insurance as a way to fully recover lost gear instead of just its value in Krypto Marks. Aurum is also used to purchase skins for weapons or your prospector or to speed up item build times, as crafting in The Cycle: Frontier involves the actual spend time for equipment to be built.

Insurance tokens

Insurance Tokens are the third currency in The Cycle: Frontier and they are only used to recover intact hardware instead of just getting Krypto compensation or paying with Aurum. Make the whole process of potentially losing important items in a drop a little easier on the wallet.

Tokens are much harder to get your hands on and are only available through Fortuna Pass games, which is basically their attempt at a Battle Pass. They sometimes appear as free rewards, but the amount you get at the start is very small, so it’s worth saving them until you really need them. For example, if you have a very powerful weapon that you don’t want to lose.

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Easy ways to get currency

It may seem like money is constantly slipping through your fingers, especially if you’re having a few difficulties. There are ways to build up that stock of credit without touching the taint of the microtransaction store, although it’s not as quick as whipping out a debit card. Fortunately, if you find that your funds are low, there are a few tricks you can try.

For example, there is a login bonus whose value increases as you join the game. You get credits for this and if you don’t need the equipment, you can always sell it for more. extra money. Another simple trick is to use the special generators which slowly accumulate resources such as supplies and credits in real time.. These can be upgraded with, you guessed it, Credits, and these help by passively farming even more Credits. The other cheap trick is to run minimal loads on the chutes and suck in what you can quickly before evacuating just as quickly. It might not net you a huge payday like long streaks, but it’s a simple way to earn some extra sci-fi money if you really need the money.

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