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This uproar is not the only concern in the Chinese economy.

Provided by Richard H. Mootz, CFP®

There is a famous saying about a hurricane from a butterfly flapping its wings halfway around the world. This “butterfly effect” is certainly occurring in terms of the influence of the Chinese real estate market on financial markets around the world.

For America, worry contributed to the worst day for the S&P 500 since May of this year. Building on a decline in China, the effect is being felt in related industries in the United States, such as construction equipment and investment companies.1

This uproar is not the only concern in the Chinese economy. Chinese President Xi Jinping is enacting policies throughout the year to give the government greater control over private enterprise. For many, this is seen as a drag on decades of economic growth and a real change for a global economy accustomed to a more permissive Chinese economy.2

Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that regulatory behavior around the world, however strict, is one of the many factors that your trusted financial professional considers. In addition to regulatory risks, international markets exhibit differences in financial reporting standards, exchange rates, political risks and foreign taxes.

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