Editorial: Massive COVID Unemployment Fraud

Chronicle of Mike Bibb

It had to happen. Probably expected.

With billions of government dollars (your) dollars thrown away during the COVID-19 calamity, it was only a matter of time before a bunch of dollars were ripped off – by a bunch of people.

Like many federal programs, there is not enough oversight or enforcement to prevent abuse, theft, and fraud.

It’s bad enough, but when that same government asks for another $22 billion to be added to the pot, then a responsible official – say, the president – should immediately step in and demand an explanation of where all the previous funds disappeared.

Unfortunately, President Joe probably won’t, even though he knows about the massive looting. Besides, in his mind “The pandemic is over”, he reminded us during a “60 Minutes” interview with CBS News, September 18, 2022.

A recently released Department of Labor Inspector General report estimated more than $45 billion in unemployment benefit fraud that occurred in the past two years of the pandemic.

Some believe that this figure is not close to the real number.

Matt Weidinger of the American Enterprise Institute told The Wall Street Journal, September 22, 2022, “While these numbers are shocking and huge, they are well below what we expect from these numbers.”

In theory, so much money has been stolen by various COVID scams that it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to determine where it all went.

During this time, millions and billions of dollars have been hacked into offshore financial institutions, international banking cartels, crime syndicates and other places capable of hiding and laundering large sums of cash, checks and electronic money transfers.

Whenever stacks of government money are available, you can be sure someone will figure out how to steal it.

Especially in the age of complex computerization.

The IG report explained, “The injection of hundreds of billions of federal funds into the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program has given individuals and organized crime groups a high-value target to exploit. This, combined with easily accessible stolen personally identifiable information and persistent weaknesses in the user interface program, allowed criminals to defraud the system.

Apparently, the scammers ripped off social security numbers from deceased people, inmates, email accounts, and just about anyone they could take advantage of.

Again, theft and corruption of this magnitude should have been anticipated, but the IG report admits that the unemployment insurance program suffered from substantial “weaknesses” in crime prevention.

So the logical question becomes, if the Department of Labor knew about the potential theft of UI funds, then why didn’t it take steps to more fully protect the program from criminal activity? before releasing the checks?

Now they have the rocks to ask for another $22 billion to distribute, at the same time that we are sending billions of dollars in aid and military equipment to Ukraine.

Can this administration do anything good? I’m starting to wonder. They seem incapable of managing the nation’s basic financial affairs, securing the border, controlling inflation, dealing with inner-city crime, or providing economic aid to gas pumps.

In case you haven’t noticed, fuel prices are starting to rise again.

Still, dare not complain or deduct another 17 cents from your income taxes, because thousands of new IRS agents will be keeping tabs on you.

If you’re really obnoxious, expect a visit from the FBI. They may even point guns in your face and confiscate your cell phone.

Just ask the “My Pillow” guy. His phone was snatched by a car full of FBI agents as he waited for his drive-thru order at a fast-food restaurant. I don’t know if they took his burger and fries as well.

Reminiscent of an old mafia visit – “Yo, Mike, the boss doesn’t like you to laugh at him. He sent us to deliver a message. Give us your phone and that Philly sandwich. If we have to come back, we won’t be so friendly. Arrivederci, testa del cuscino” (pillow head). (sic)

Damn, this administration is so out of touch with reality that they can’t even define the word. This is not surprising, given that its leader is often disoriented when trying to leave a speaker’s podium.

With our National Debt reaching all-time highs and the Treasury Department printing money as fast as the presses can run, is it any wonder inflation is spiraling out of control and the economy is shrinking to levels recession?

Is a full-fledged depression next?

Wait, Joe says inflation has “only gone up an inch.”

It is also certain that almost half the country is “semi-fascist” or “Nazi”, as Hillary believes.

I don’t know if a Nazi is an upgrade or a snap from previous accusations that Trump supporters are a “basket of deplorables.”

It seems like every week there is a new disparaging comment from our “Great Uniter” president. You remember, the same guy who promised on Inauguration Day to get us together.

Well, like many things he did, that promise didn’t work.

According to him, the nation is being overrun by “white supremacists”, “racists” and “MAGA” pagans.

This unbridled madness can only last for a while before serious economic and social complications begin to set in.

In fact, they are already noticeable; a trip to the gas station, supermarket and Joe’s tank approval ratings will be checked.

Again, President Biden insists it’s all cool — hallucinations from an aging, cognitively confused career politician who hasn’t missed a federal paycheck in 50 years.

No wonder he has no idea what’s going on outside the White House. . .

The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the author.

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