Currency racket dismantled in Guntur district


Guntur City Police dismantled a currency racket operating in the Palnadu area and seized counterfeit banknotes with a face value of 45 lakh. The defendants used a set of computer printers to manufacture counterfeit money. They circulated the notes with the help of a team.

Police Commissioner K. Arif Hafeez said seven people were arrested. The trail of the investigation began after a cashier working at a liquor store complained that he had received three counterfeit 200 bills in the village of Perecherla in Medikonduru.

Based on the complaint, a police team led by DSP, South, Y. Jessy Prasanthi began the investigation. Medikonduru K. Maruthi Krishna CI arrested Jetty Kishore, Panthagani Purnachandra Rao and Devalla Srinivas. Upon investigation, police encountered a gang including Uduthuri Venkata Narayana Reddy, 35, Jangam Srinivasa Rao, 44, and Sk. Jani Bhasha, 25.

“The accused’s modus operandi consists of forging banknotes using a computer and a printer. The defendants exchange notes after identifying gullible people, â€said the SP.

Police also seized a color printer, Excel papers, letter ops and color cartridges from the accused’s home.


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