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#MontegoBay, Jamaica, November 21, 2022 – Children from all over Sainte-Élisabeth took to the streets of the parish capital of Rivière Noire on Friday, November 18, in an organized march against child abuse.

The event was planned by the Child Protection and Family Services Agency (CPFSA) and was part of a series of child-led marches across the island to commemorate ‘World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse”, observed internationally on 19 November.

The children, who represented St. Elizabeth’s primary and secondary schools, marched along High Street, North Street and Market Street, while carrying signs reading “Stop the Silence, End the Violence” to raise awareness of the problem of child abuse in the country.

The group then gathered at JAG Myers Park in the city, for a special ceremony to promote the safety and protection of Jamaican children.

In his address, the Minister without Portfolio in the Prime Minister’s Office, the Hon. Floyd Green, commended CPHA for its initiative to draw attention to such a “critical issue”.

Mr Green, who is also MP for South West St. Elizabeth, said simple support not only for children, but also for parents, can be the best way to prevent child abuse.

“That’s why I plan to partner with our National Parent Support Commission and CPHA to launch a Parent Mentor Program. [programme] because the reality is a lot of people who become parents have no idea how to be a good parent and we have to admit that and work with them to make sure their kids feel love,” he said. -he declares.

For her part, CPHA Southern Regional Director Francine Rhoomes said the entity continues to protect the country’s children, many of whom are in need of care and protection.

“With that [CPFSA] team across the region, we ensure that, as best as possible, [their] voices are heard. We act when there are incidents of child abuse, and we want to make sure people know what to do and where to call in the event of an incident,” she explained.

“As we celebrate, I want us to remember why we are here and that is because of the children,” she added.

Schools in attendance included Black River High School, Black River Primary School, Hampton School, Sandy Bank Primary School, Red Bank Primary, Fullerswood Primary and Infant School, Happy Grove Primary and Infant School, Lewisville High School, Lacovia Primary and Infant School, Holland Primary School and Pedro Plains Primary.

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