Changing technology with the changing world

We all live in the 21st century era that is completely technology dependent. And learning some basics of technology has become a necessity now. So this article is all about that basic information.

Why bother?

Yes, many would think why bother about learning for tech. The answer is why not. We all live in an age where knowledge of technology is at a critical point and neglecting it can be hectic and even to some extent can lead to self-destruction.

Types of technologies: There are six types of technologies. Those are:

  • Construction techniques
  • Medical technologies
  • Transportation technologies
  • Energy and energy technologies
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Agricultural or biotechnology
  • Manufacturing technologies

However, the following article will deal with tips for information technology.

Ten Quick Ways – So without any delay, here are the ten basics of the tech world:

  • Space bar and shift key set

We are all frustrated with the time it takes to scroll through some web browsers. To simplify the task, just press the space bar key accordingly, which will scroll the screen by a screen length. And conversely to go back, simply press the Shift button.

In most internet browsers, to save time, just type the required thing in the address bar and then hit enter, instead of returning to the Google webpage.

Instead of repeatedly opting for the bold option, you can double-click on the selected word to make it bold.

Similar to the trick above, triple clicking on the selected word will make the entire paragraph bold.

By simply pressing the backspace control button simultaneously, the entire word can be deleted instead of a single character delegation.

In case of sudden and unwanted deletion of any document or other files, you don’t have to worry. The deleted file is not formatted immediately, instead it goes to the recycle bin option from which one can either confirm the deletion or restore a file if necessary.

This one is rare! You can simply hover the mouse button over the links to see where they lead. For example, hypothetically, a link to Top 10 Tech Essentials might take you to a website, while the same identical-looking link might lead someone to clipart.

The link can come above the cursor or elsewhere, depending on the type of browser you are opening.

Many times one may encounter problems while reading any kind of documents. There is another way to maximize the font size without using a mouse. One can simply enlarge the text using the control and simultaneously pressing the button more or less subjectively.

Those who used to multitask on a desktop can just manage them by pressing Alt or the command button for Mac and holding the Tab button. While pressing the Tab button, the computer will display the previous program.

Releasing the / alt command will automatically open the selected program.

Often times we are faced with the difficulty of not remembering the name of a song when we can hum the melody of that song, with the new features of Google we can chase the name of a song just by saying which one. is the name of the song, then humming the song’s melody into the Google mic.

So here are some of the basic hacks that one should find useful when performing various technical tasks.

So, we can say that managing the technology is not a pilot task but the formula for knowing the smartest hacks to apply to the needs. By knowing tricks, one can facilitate tedious tasks without working with much effort.

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