CBP agents seize nearly 4,000 bangs and $ 23,000 in undeclared currency


Sterling, Virginia – The seizure of a shipment of $ 56,000 of glass bongs and $ 23,000 of undeclared currency destined for Los Angeles, provide an overview of the scope of enforcement responsibilities that customs and border protection officers have on a daily basis at Washington Dulles International Airport.

CBP officers seized the undeclared currency while conducting enforcement operations on a flight to Ghana. A married couple reported to CBP officers that they had a total of $ 10,500.

The agents found the hidden
change inside hand luggage
zipped bag lining.

While inspecting the couple’s carry-on baggage, officers discovered an envelope concealed behind the zippered carry-on liner. Agents verified the couple’s combined currency at $ 23,641. Officers seized the change for violating US currency reporting laws, then released the couple with $ 641 in humanitarian aid.

CBP is not disclosing the names of the travelers as none have been charged with criminal charges.

The shipment of 3,738 glass bongs initially arrived from China on October 3, manifesting in the form of “gravity pipes.” Officers detained the shipment and submitted documents and photos to CBP’s international trade experts at the agency’s centers of excellence and expertise in consumer products and mass merchandising.

On November 17, CBP import specialists reported to officers that the shipment was valued at $ 56,033 and confirmed that the glass bongs violated US laws on importing drug paraphernalia. Officers completed the seizure on Monday.

The glass bongs were intended for an address in Los Angeles County, California.

“Seizures of glass bongs and undeclared currency may seem trivial at first; however, they exemplify the determination and commitment that customs and border protection officers and specialists deploy every day to enforce the laws of our country, to strengthen the economic vitality of our country through trade and travel. international law, and to help ensure the safety of our citizens, â€said Daniel Escobedo. , Regional Port Manager CBP for the Regional Port of Washington, DC

CBP officers remind travelers that there is no limit to the amount of currency or other monetary instruments they can bring in or withdraw from the United States; however, federal law [31 USC 5316] requires travelers to declare any currency of $ 10,000 or more to a CBP agent.


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