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We have truth and justice on our side: Osmany

September 24, 1971 OSMANY ADDRESS MUKTI BAHINI For all the latest news, follow the Daily Star’s Google News channel. Bangladesh Forces Commander-in-Chief (Mukti Bahini) Colonel MAG Osmany, in a broadcast to the nation and Mukti Bahini on Shadhin Bangla Betar, today expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the valiant fighters of …

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FX Daily: central banks to the rescue, yet again | Item

USD: Powell to dodge hawkish tone Risk assets are sailing calmer waters this morning, as the reopening of Chinese markets after a four-day holiday saw the PBOC inject additional liquidity (for a net amount of CNY 90 billion, similar to the size of the interventions. Friday and Saturday) into the …

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Sudden glow of gold in a falling market

The Dow Jones index experienced its worst drop in 10 months on Monday, dropping 600 points or 1.8%. The S & P500 index lost about the same amount, 1.7%. The dollar index hit monthly highs, trading above 93.0. Intraday, the S & P500 had fallen more than 5% from early …

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