Car owners to sue GM for exit

At least 100 Chevrolet owners are suing General Motors (GM), accusing the automaker of violating its vehicle purchase agreements.

The move comes after General Motors announced on February 17 that it was ceasing operations in Thailand and selling its factories in Rayong. General Motors (GM) Thailand insists that its exit measures comply with local regulations and that owners can still have their Chevrolet cars serviced at any of the country’s 87 centers, even after the automaker leaves the country. Thailand.

The decision to take legal action was approved Tuesday at a meeting between car buyers and consumer rights groups, a source said. The owners have made a commitment to return their cars to GM.

Phirawat Setthaphanit, one of Chevrolet’s disgruntled owners, said after-sales service was always a big factor in his decision to buy a car, while GM’s commercials gave the impression that the company would stay in Thailand for the long term.

But only three months after buying a new car from GM, it suddenly put an end to Thai operations – a decision that must have been made long before the official announcement, he said.

“This is not something that could be decided suddenly. So it was totally unfair for the company to continue to urge customers to buy its cars. [while knowing its Thai operations were about to cease],” he said.

He was not convinced by GM’s belated assurances that customers could continue to have their cars serviced at existing centers.

On-uma Khunrakphrom, another Chevrolet owner, said she and other owners are joining together in a legal battle that will set new standards for protecting consumer rights in Thailand.

“We will not give in to any attempt by a transnational corporation to treat us unfairly and without an appropriate code of ethics,” she said.

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