BBVA Pivot streamlines cash management

BBVA has brought together its range of offerings to help companies in their international efforts and allow more effective control of their day-to-day operations through BBVA Pivot, according to an announcement.

BBVA Pivot enables centralized operations for 15 countries and 24 currencies through direct channels, and comes with in-depth expert support. The business offering is available in a number of countries in South America and Europe, in addition to Hong Kong, the United States and Mexico.

“BBVA Pivot is an ecosystem of global channels and solutions for cash management services with which BBVA hopes to meet the transactional needs of our business customers operating in different countries,” said David Puente, Global Head of Client Solutions at BBVA.

According to the announcement.

BBVA Pivot combines different solutions and channels. Pivot Net provides web or app access to all global and local services, enabling digital banking in any country through a single solution. In addition, Pivot Connect enables businesses to link their payment systems “via host to host and to Swift”, meeting the data collection and payment requirements of multinational customers.

BBVA Pivot’s Commercial Cards component provides businesses with better management when using corporate cards, as it streamlines staff expense review and authorization workflows. In addition, the Global Supply Chain Finance component enables business customers to get the most out of their working capital and help improve the financial well-being of suppliers. In addition, Agent allows the monitoring of various syndicated loans for which BBVA acts as banking agent.

“With BBVA Pivot, we want to be partners with our clients in expanding their business to new markets and strengthening our position as a global bank,” BBVA CEO Onur Genç said in the announcement.

As reported in October, BBVA participated in a test to link SWIFT gpi to the UK instant payment infrastructure, and the result was shown at the Sibos conference.



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